December 2022 | First Commercial Album Release
December 2022 | Dr. Marchioni to present at the Midwest Clinic
October 2022 | Feel 'The Force' at UK Wind Symphony Concert
July 2022 | IDRS Conference Masterclass
December 2021 | UK Research Advisory Group Meeting
September 2021 | World-class musicians to play for the organization that helped them get their start
September 2021 | A Hundred Years, Musically: As TFEC hits the century mark, a group of musicians will play up their appreciation
February 2020 | Oboe, Bassoon and Piano Recital to Feature Oleksiy Zakharov, Byunghee Yoo
Feb 2020 | Navarro Legacy Concerto with UK Wind Symphony
Nov 2019 | Decoda Wind Quartet Residency at the University of Kentucky
Jan 2019 | Kentucky, North Carolina Artists Showcase Oboe, English Horn at Singletary
Feb 2018 | Guest Artist at St. Olaf
Aug 2017 | NSO One-Year Appointment
Feb 2017 | Marcello Concerto at Carnegie
January 2017 | UK Entrepreneurship Symposium - Director of Symposium
December 2016 | Double Reed Dish - featured interview
September 2016 | Interview with Forked F
July 2016 | Semi-finalists Announced at The Art of Duo: the Boulder International Chamber Music Competition
May 2016 | "Entrepreneurship with an Edge," featured on the Carnegie Hall Blog
April 2016 | Performance at the New Harmony Music Festival: From the French Court to the Cajun Kitchen
February 2016 | UK Oboe Doctoral Student Wins the UKSO Concerto Competition
September 2015 | UK Oboist Invited to Perform at the Moab Music Festival
March 2014 | New Oboe Professor at UK Looks to Build Community
April 2014 | UK Oboe Professor to Perform in Carnegie Hall's
December 2012 | Interview: 5 Things You Never Knew about the Oboe and the Musicians Behind It
December 2011 | Ensemble ACJW in the New York Times
December 2011 | Interview with Composer Ryan Gallagher
June 2011 | Ensemble AJCW in the New York Times
April 2011 | Ensemble ACJW with David Robertson reviewed in the New York Times
December 2010 | Ensemble ACJW with Simon Rattle reviewed in the New York Times
July 2010 | Inteview on Ecuador Radio


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