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The UK Oboe studio, lead by Dr. ToniMarie Marchioni (Associate Professor of Oboe), is a group of dedicated and energetic students studying in a variety of degree programs at the UK School of Music and across the university. In addition to offering Bachelor of Music degrees in Performance and Education, UK also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in music to accommodate double degrees and a Music Minor that allows students to have a vibrant music experience without majoring in music. The UK School of music also has outstanding graduate programs for students looking to pursue Master or Doctoral Degrees in oboe performance.

Dr. Marchioni enjoys the challenge of tailoring her style and methods to each student's individual needs. Her lesson curriculum combines scales and technical exercises with repertoire, etudes, orchestral repertoire and sight-reading with a goal of contextual learning. She firmly believes that studying music and pursuing excellence--regardless of career goals--has clear benefits throughout a student's life, far beyond the UK concert hall. Her primary goals as a teacher are to help her students accomplish their own personal musical objectives, to inspire creativity and originality in the learning process, and to instill the aspiration to be excellent at all of one's undertakings in life. Achievements of UK Oboe Studio members include public school and university teaching appointments, professional orchestral positions, acceptances for graduate study at major conservatories and summer festivals, and everything in between.

Members of the UK Oboe Studio have the opportunity to perform in the award-winning UK Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia, Wind Symphony, Concert Band, as well as in various chamber groups. The Oboe Studio also hosts an annual studio recital and numerous guest performers and teachers. Past guest artists have included Jaren Atherholt (University of North Carolina School of the Arts), Jared Hauser (Vanderbilt University), Galit Kaunitz (University of Southern Mississippi), Mary Lindsey Bailey (University of Alabama), Reid Messich (University of Georgia), Courtney Miller (University of Iowa), Rebecca Nagel (University of South Carolina), Mark Ostoich (Cincinnati Conservatory of Music), Dwight Parry (Cincinnati Symphony), Chris Philpotts (Cincinnati Symphony), Nicholas Stovall (National Symphony), Titus Underwood (Nashville Symphony), Tessa Vinson (President's Own Marine Band), and Andreas Wittmann (Berlin Philharmonic).

The UK Oboe Studio is committed to quality education and comprehensive training that also promotes joy in music-making. We hope you will join us!

For more information on auditioning for the UK Oboe Studio, email Dr. Marchioni ( and visit the School of Music website.


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My four years of study with Dr. Marchioni provided a complete transformation in my musicianship. She constantly pushes students to attain the highest of standards, all while catering to their individual needs in lessons. Dr. Marchioni’s curriculum is all-encompassing in order to prepare the most well-rounded musicians. She goes above and beyond for all her students, and has undoubtedly been the most influential figure in my education. I am incredibly grateful for every minute of study I had with her.

Dane B., BM 2022
Graduate student at the New England Conservatory of Music

"Dr. Marchioni has been a monumental figure in my education, and has provided me with experiences that have undoubtedly shaped me into a better musician, teacher, and person. There has never been a moment in which I doubted her belief in my ability to learn. Because of her genuine concern and interest in me and in all of her students, she is excellent at identifying and providing opportunities that align with personal goals and are within reach. Being held to high standards is one of the aspects of her teaching that I appreciate most, because it has allowed me to achieve more than I ever thought possible. Throughout my education, I have developed a personal concept of exceptional teaching. Dr. Marchioni’s influence on my perception of what it means to be a teacher is tantamount to each of the most inspirational role models I have had, and I genuinely believe she is one of the best teachers I will ever have the pleasure of working with. I hope to have as great of an impact on my future students as she has had on me, and I am excited to share with others what I have learned from her."

Mia Q., BMME '19; Fayette County Public School Music Teacher

"Dr. Marchioni is the best and most inspiring teacher I have ever worked with in my career. I have learned more in two years with her than with all my other teachers combined. Not only am I a better musician and oboist than ever before, but I am also more confident and independent as a person. As a performer, the work she puts in to improving and achieving new things is continually inspiring and motivating. As a teacher, she is always honest and direct and goes above and beyond every day. I have never encountered someone more invested in her students’ personal success."

Christine S., DMA '17 in Oboe Performance; English horn, Omaha Symphony

"For three years, Dr. Marchioni taught me the intricacies of the oboe and helped nurture my passion for music. As a professional, she has always been extremely honest with me about her expectations. I have learned that she expects the best effort from her students because she never fails to dedicate her own valuable time and best efforts to us. She is an effective, available, and helpful teacher, as well as a fantastic performer. I have always been amazed by her poised and persuasive style of playing. She is a great role model."

Lucy Y., former private student; Northwestern University undergraduate student

"It is incredibly inspiring to be so close to such a driven, talented, and accomplished individual. The effort that Dr. Marchioni has put into her profession is beyond evident in her playing, and, likewise, the effort that she expects out of her students is beyond evident in how we quickly grow as players. She does a fantastic job of motivating everyone in the studio on an individual level, as she acknowledges the dramatic variance in everyone's capabilities and accomplishments. As such, she is certain to highlight our personal successes when we achieve them, which makes us confident in our ability to become the players we all strive to be."

Julianna D.
Oboe Performance Minor and Environmental Studies Major

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